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This novel of the Legend of the Circuit de la Sarthe will bring you beyond the futur in 2073.

To turn it all into an augmented experience that fits their blossoming vision for Le Mans.

The Ultimate challenge: to create an immersive Endurance experience --- for the Future.


A vision brought to life with desire, a passion without limits shared with those who believed that nothing 

was impossible. A historic collaboration with legends of the Racing Automotive World -- Le Mans 2073


The drivers line up on the grid; engines that have taken a year of patient invention and testing are revving to red.

In the pit lanes stand mechanics, eyes focused on TV monitors, crossing their hearts that the cars will hold out.

Team managers shout last instructions into head-sets. In the stands are fans and family; wives and girlfriends

offer up a prayer for victory, but above all for the safety of their men.

Time freezes for a moment.


Then, the light goes green… and THEY ARE OFF!

The lead drivers in the top class of Endurance car, head at break-neck speed towards the first corner of the Le Mans 24 hour race 2073; 

the most grueling and celebrated global motor racing event.


This is a place where dreams are made, and broken.  It is a place of almost religious intensity for the drivers, engineers, marshalls and tens of thousands of spectators that are here to witness the 91st edition of the most glorious of all races.


Shot in blistering state-of-the art 3-D, this novel tells the story of this race and of the men who compete in it.

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